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Our goal is making the Immune Management process with our center as simple and stress-free as possible and make your journey to parenthood successful.

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Watch our short video. Meet Dr Vidali, a Preeminent Fertility & Surgery Specialist who's life work is dedicated to the science of Reproductive Immunology.

Complete a New Patient Registration packet and Request an In-Person Appointment with Dr Vidali in  New York.

Speak with our Financial Staff to discuss any insurance coverage and or possible out of pocket costs and then become a patient 

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Dr. Andrea Vidali speaks about our unmatched knowledge of reproductive immunology that has resulted in high success rates for our patients:


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OUR CENTER has become the world leader in the field of Reproductive Immunology. We Manage patients locally and from around the world. We set the standard for Reproductive Immunology and that is why patients will Register with our center and become an Immune Management Patient.

What to Expect From Your Appoinment

  • You will meet with Dr. Melvin Thornton and have a consultation and physical exam
  • If immune testing is deemed necessary our proprietary immune testing will be organized.
  • Immune testing will be ordered, and an appointment will be made at Hoboken Women’s Wellness Center
  • In six (6) weeks you will have a consultation to discuss your results and the next steps
  • Work with your local center or cycle with us. 

Our Fast Track


If you wish to be"Fast-Tracked" into our practice, we can organize your New Patient Consultation, Physical Exam, and Immune Testing in One Visit.  

This is EXTREMELY CONVENIENT for our Out of State Patients. Most patients who suffer from Recurring Pregnancy Loss understand that there may be some underline immune issues that have gone undiagnosed and know before they meet with Dr. Melvin Thornton they need to be tested.

What is Fast Track?

Instead of scheduling your appointment with Dr. Melvin Thornton and discussing the need for immune testing at your First Visit. We can organize the testing to be done on the Same Day as your New Patient Visit. 

The challenge with our Immune Testing is the wait time for the complete analysis and  
Immune Assessment to be completed. This will take six (6) weeks.  

If you've done your research and or have been referred by your doctor, understand the 
laboratory pricing, and are ready to move right into being an Immune Management Patient, you can be "Fast-Tracked."

Patients who live Out of Our Area will need to be seen by our Practice one (1) time. We are willing to work with your local Doctor and support your cycle with our Proprietary Immune Management which is included in your initial $3,000 Registration Fee.


or decide to come to New York and work directly with our Practice.

How do I Fast Track?

If you feel you are a good candidate to be Fast Tracked into Our Practice, we are ready too!  Simply fill out the Registration Packet. You will receive a call from our Office Coordinator to organize your New Patient Consultation with Complete Exam and Immune Testing which will all be done on your Initial Visit in our office.

1. Complete our Registration Packet include your insurance card & Picture ID

2. Make your $3,000 payment for your Immune Evaluation & Assessment  Profile 

3. Schedule your Appointment for your New Patient Visit & Immune Testing 

We are a World-Renowned State of the Art Fertility Practice.

We Are Here To Make Your Family Dreams a Reality!

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Answers For Infertility and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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